Koizumi Top Asset Holder among New Japanese Ministers


Tokyo, Oct. 25 (Jiji Press)--Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi is the top asset holder among 15 new ministers of the reshuffled cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the government said Friday.

According to data covering assets held by the ministers, and their spouses and dependent children as of Sept. 11, when the reshuffle was conducted, Koizumi's assets total 290.01 million yen, all held by his wife, Christel Takigawa, a freelance television presenter. Koizumi himself has no asset.

Takigawa's assets include 150 million yen worth of Japanese government bonds. Koizumi and Takigawa married in August. Koizumi is the only new minister with assets topping 100 million yen.

The 15 ministers, including Isshu Sugawara, who resigned as minister of economy, trade and industry on Friday over alleged public offices election law violations, hold assets worth 51.07 million yen on average.

The average amount of assets held by all ministers, including Abe and four ministers who remained in the cabinet after the latest reshuffle, stands at 82.72 million yen, down by 6.39 million yen from the average for all ministerial members of the previous Abe cabinet, which was formed through the October 2018 reshuffle.

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