4 Die in Japan's Chiba Pref. amid Heavy Rain

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Tokyo, Oct. 25 (Jiji Press)--A low-pressure system and strong typhoon Bualoi brought torrential rain in Chiba Prefecture on Friday, with four people confirmed dead in the eastern Japan prefecture.

Landslide warnings were issued in most areas in Chiba and some areas in Miyagi, Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures in the Tohoku northeastern region and the eastern prefecture of Ibaraki, adjacent to Chiba. The Japan Meteorological Agency warned residents of flooding of rivers and inundation of low-lying areas, urging them to take action to ensure safety.

According to the Chiba prefectural government, flooding occurred at seven locations at seven rivers in the prefecture, including the Otsu River in the city of Kashiwa and the Miyako River in Wakaba Ward in the city of Chiba, the capital of the prefecture. In Fukushima, a river in the city of Iwaki overflowed.

According to sources including the Chiba prefectural police department, houses collapsed due to landslides at two locations in Midori Ward in the city of Chiba, killing a woman in her 60s and a man. Another person is unaccounted for.

In the town of Nagara in Chiba Prefecture, a car carrying a man in his 80s was washed away by an overflowing river, and the man was confirmed dead later. In the town of Chonan in the same prefecture, a man in his 80s was found dead near a light truck on a flooded road.

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