Comfort Women Statue Unveiled near Washington


Washington, Oct. 27 (Jiji Press)--A Korean-American group unveiled a statue of a girl symbolizing so-called comfort women in a ceremony in Annandale, northern Virginia, near Washington, on Sunday.

"This statue is integral to honor and commemorate" the bravery of these women, Jungsil Lee, cochair of the Executive Committee of the Statue of Peace, said at the ceremony.

"It is a physical and ongoing reminder of the past wrongdoing and inaction of the Japanese government to the demands of the victims, which are an official apology and legal reparation," Lee said.

Former Korean comfort woman Kil Won-ok placed a flower wreath on the neck of the statue.

The comfort women statue is the fifth of its kind in the United States and first near the capital. Comfort women are women, mainly Koreans, who were forced to provide sex for Japanese troops before and during World War II.

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