U.S. Conducts Parachute Training at Kadena Base


Tokyo, Oct. 29 (Jiji Press)--The U.S. military conducted parachute training at its Kadena Air Base in the southernmost Japan prefecture of Okinawa on Tuesday, despite the Japanese government's call for the exercise to be canceled.

The parachute training, which was carried out from 6:40 p.m. (9:40 a.m. GMT), was the fourth of its kind at the base this year.

An agreement reached by the Japanese and U.S. governments in 1996 calls for the U.S. military to hold parachute training at the U.S. Marine Corps' auxiliary airfield in the island village of Ie in the prefecture in principle.

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono requested the U.S. side the same day to cancel the drill, saying that it would go against the agreement.

On Tuesday night, Kono told reporters that the U.S. side had failed to provide a sufficient explanation about the drill. "This was an extremely regrettable development that may affect the Japan-U.S. alliance," he said.

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