Most Convenience Store Owners Rest One Day or Less a Week


Tokyo, Nov. 6 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese government survey has found that 85 pct of convenience store owners across the country take only one day or less off a week, highlighting the severe working conditions in the industry suffering an acute labor shortage.

An expert panel under the industry ministry reported the survey result at a meeting Tuesday. The survey was conducted in August, with some 3,600 owners providing valid answers.

Sixty-six pct of them said they take "less than one day" off a week, and 19 pct "one day," while "two days or more" was cited by only 7 pct. Fifty pct said they work at their stores for "six or more hours but less than 12 hours" a day, 29 pct "12 hours or more" and 14 pct "less than six hours."

One owner said in the survey, "Working late at night is common, and I have never taken a vacation in the past 27 years." Another said, "Basically, I can't take a full vacation."

In another survey, carried out in July for 10,000 convenience store users, a majority were in favor of shops reducing operating hours. Forty-one pct said that late-night services are necessary at some stores depending on circumstances in their neighborhood and other factors, and 35 pct said each store should be allowed to make a decision. Only 9 pct said late-night services are necessary.

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