VR Brings Ukiyo-e to Life at Japan Tourism Promotion Event

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New York, Nov. 13 (Jiji Press)--The Japan National Tourism Organization held an event in New York on Wednesday featuring an immersive three-dimensional experience of ukiyo-e woodblock prints that uses virtual reality technology, hoping to attract tourists to Japan.

Visitors donned a special VR headset that showed six ukiyo-e prints rendered into 3-D computer graphics, making viewers feel as though they were inside the world of the print works.

The ukiyo-e pieces were taken partly from 19th-century artist Utagawa Hiroshige's "Rokujuyoshu Meisho-zue" collection of scenery from around Japan.

The prints include that of the scenery of Matsushima, a group of islands now in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, and of cross-river basket ferrying in Hida, currently in the central Japan prefecture of Gifu.

Travel information on the regions depicted in the featured prints was displayed on digital signage boards in the event venue.

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