Referendum Law Revision Enactment at Current Session Seen Difficult


Tokyo, Nov. 15 (Jiji Press)--Japan's ruling camp increasingly faces difficulties enacting during the current parliamentary session a bill aimed at improving voter convenience in a possible national referendum on revising the Constitution.

Some in the Liberal Democratic Party, which leads the coalition, now seem tolerant of pushing back debates on the national referendum law amendment. The ongoing extraordinary session of the Diet, the country's parliament, is currently scheduled to close on Dec. 9.

On Thursday, the Commission on the Constitution of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Diet, held a meeting of senior members from both ruling and opposition parties for discussions on the handling of the bill.

The two sides remained at odds, with the ruling camp seeking consent from the opposition bloc to its plan to hold a question-and-answer session on the legislation and put it to a vote next week while major opposition parties calling for giving priority to discussions on regulating television commercials on a referendum related to constitutional revision.

In talks with reporters after the meeting, Yoshitaka Shindo, leader of the LDP members in the commission, voiced the party's willingness to pass the bill early, saying, "We want to hold a brief question-and-answer session and then take a vote on it."

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