U.N. Resolution Condemns N. Korea's Human Rights Abuse


New York, Nov. 14 (Jiji Press)--The Third Committee of the U.N. General Assembly at a meeting on Thursday adopted a resolution condemning North Korea's human rights violations, including its abductions of Japanese and other foreign nationals.

The committee adopted such a resolution for the 15th consecutive year. The resolution urged Pyongyang to "address all allegations of enforced disappearances, provide accurate information to the families of the victims on the fates and whereabouts of their missing relatives and resolve all issues related to all abductees at the earliest possible date, in particular the return of abductees of Japan and the Republic of Korea (South Korea)."

The resolution, submitted by the European Union, also condemned North Korea for "diverting its resources into pursuing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles over the welfare of its people."

Japan had submitted resolutions against North Korea jointly with the EU. But the country chose not to do so for this year's resolution and instead opted to sponsor it with other nations.

The country made the decision after "comprehensively considering the importance of the international community issuing messages regarding the abduction issue constantly and various factors surrounding Japan-North Korea relations," a Japanese government official said.

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