Huge Meteorite May Have Struck Deep Sea Off Japan 11 M. Yrs Ago

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Tokyo, Nov. 21 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese research team has found numerous spherical particles in deposits of the deep seabed off the Pacific island of Minamitorishima in Japan that were presumably created as a result of the collision of a huge meteorite some 11 million years ago.

As no crater created in this period has been found on land, chances are high that the huge meteorite struck the deep sea, according to the team of researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, or JAMSTEC, the Chiba Institute of Technology, the University of Tokyo and others.

The findings were announced on Wednesday.

The deposits were collected from the seabed about 5,650 meters below the surface of the sea south of Minamitorishima.

As evidence of a huge meteorite collision some 2.5 million years ago has been found in the deep seabed off the southern tip of the South American continent, the collision off the Japanese island, if confirmed, will be the world's second case of a meteorite drop into the deep sea.

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