Record 1,419 Child Abuse Arrests Made in Japan in 2018

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Tokyo, Nov. 29 (Jiji Press)--The number of people arrested by police for abusing children in Japan in 2018 grew for the fifth consecutive year to a record high of 1,419, a white paper by the Justice Ministry showed Friday.

The figure was up some six-fold from 242 in 2003, when the ministry started keeping records.

In 2003, the number of people arrested for causing injuries to children, including those resulting in death, came to 98, accounting for 40.5 pct of the total, 85 were arrested for murder, making up 35.1 pct, and 20 for negligence as guardians, comprising 8.3 pct.

In 2018, 591 people were arrested for injuring children, accounting for 41.6 pct. Those who used violence against children made up 32.2 pct, totaling 457 and up about 76-fold from 2003.

The number of those engaged in indecent assaults came to 101 last year, 7.1 pct of the total and up 34 times. The number of arrests made over sexual attacks such as forcible rape increased 14-fold.

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