Japan Rugby Slogan "One Team" Named This Year's Top Buzzword


Tokyo, Dec. 2 (Jiji Press)--"One Team," a slogan of Japan's national rugby team, which has made the Rugby World Cup final eight for the first time, was named this year's top buzzword Monday.

The annual list of top-10 buzzwords included "Reiwa," the name of the new era that started when Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne May 1 after his father, now Emperor Emeritus Akihito, abdicated on April 30.

Also making the cut were "Reduced tax rate," introduced as the country shifted to a two-tier consumption tax rate system at the time of the Oct. 1 tax hike, "Tapiru," meaning having tapioca drinks, and "Menkyo Henno," meaning the voluntary return of driving licenses by elderly people, which increased following a series of fatal accidents by seniors.

Elsewhere in the top-10 list were "Keikaku Unkyu," meaning scheduled transportation service suspensions implemented to prepare for typhoon landfalls this year, and "Yami Eigyo," referring to the practice in which comedians received money in return for performances conducted without the involvement of their management agencies.

The selection committee's special prize went to a phrase used by former Japan-born major leaguer Ichiro Suzuki at a press conference to announce his retirement in March, "Kokai nado Arohazu ga Arimasen," meaning "How could I possibly have any regrets?"

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