Tapioca Named "Dish of Year"

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Tokyo, Dec. 5 (Jiji Press)--"Tapioca" has been named the "One Dish of the Year" for 2019, the Gurunavi Research Institute said Thursday.

Popularity of colorful drinks containing small balls of tapioca, starch derived from the cassava plant, has swept across Japan, with people of only younger but wider generations forming long queues in front of stores gaining reputation through social networks.

"The tapioca boom grew to become a social phenomenon," the affiliate of Japanese online restaurant search and booking service provider Gurunavi Inc. <2440> said. "Now coined words 'tapi-ru' and 'tapi-katsu (both meaning 'having tapioca') are familiar to many."

The number of stores registered with the Gurunavi service serving drinks and dishes using tapioca had increased 3.2-fold year on year as of June, according to the institute.

Other than classic tapioca milk tea, various flavors such as matcha green tea and oolong tea have proved popular.

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