Tokyo to Provide Financial Support for Social Firms


Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)--The Tokyo metropolitan government has decided to provide financial support for so-called social firms where people who have difficulty working, including social recluses and the disabled, work alongside other employees.

In first such move in Japan, the metropolitan government plans to start assistance to facilitate the creation and management of such social enterprises, informed sources said.

In fiscal 2020, the metropolitan government will draw up guidelines, including criteria to certify a company as a social firm and detailed support measures, so that the first social enterprise will be set up at an early date.

With single parents, people raised at foster facilities and poor people willing to work in mind, the metropolitan government hopes that the social enterprises will serve as a model workplace to help such people become self-independent, the sources said.

The metropolitan government submitted the country's first ordinance bill to support the establishment and activities of social firms to the capital's assembly in a regular session convened Tuesday.

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