Trans Woman Wins Lawsuit against Govt over Bathroom Restriction


Tokyo, Dec. 12 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo District Court ordered the Japanese government Thursday to pay 1.32 million yen in damages to a transgender woman working at the trade ministry for restricting her use of the women's bathroom in the ministry.

Also ordering the ministry to allow her to freely use the bathroom, Presiding Judge Kenji Ebara said, "The restriction is illegal because it constrains people's interest of living social lives in accordance with their self-identified genders."

In the lawsuit, the trans woman in her 50s sought 16.5-million-yen compensation for psychological pain caused by the bathroom restriction and improvements in work conditions.

Her lawyers said the ruling is the first in Japan regarding improvements in work environments for sexual and gender minorities.

The plaintiff entered the ministry as a man and was later diagnosed with gender identity disorder. She gained approval to work as a woman in 2010, but could not change her gender on the family registry as she was physically incapable of undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

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