LDP Lawmakers Launch League for Revitalizing "Ryotei"


Tokyo, Dec. 18 (Jiji Press)--Members of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party have launched a league of lawmakers for revitalizing "ryotei" traditional high-end Japanese restaurants.

In view of an increase in the number of foreign visitors to Japan, the league for promoting ryotei culture, which kicked off on Tuesday, hopes to make the attraction of ryotei, where visitors enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine and performances of "shamisen" three-stringed musical instrument, more widely known by tourists.

The founding members of the league include LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai, LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Fumio Kishida and former LDP Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba.

At its first meeting, Seishiro Eto, the league's head and a former vice speaker of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Diet, Japan's parliament, stressed, "I hope many foreign visitors to Japan will experience ryotei culture, which represents Japan's best form of 'omotenashi' hospitality."

The league, participated by some 30 lawmakers of both chambers of parliament, plans to hold a meeting at a ryotei restaurant in January.

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