Uncovering Sexual Abuse by Priests Yet to Make Progress in Japan


Tokyo, Dec. 30 (Jiji Press)--Although cases of sexual abuse against children by Catholic Church priests have been exposed across the globe, work to shed light on such wrongdoing has yet to make progress in Japan, with the domestic authorities being reluctant to share information with third parties.

In June 2019, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan started a nationwide investigation into such cases. Many, however, have criticized the conference's practice of not letting any third parties join its survey. It is unclear whether the survey will successfully bring to light the real situation.

"The conference is reluctant to face the issue of sexual abuse," said Katsumi Takenaka, 63, the only person in Japan claiming he suffered sexual abuse experience and disclosing his name.

When Takenaka was in his early teens and living in an orphanage in Tokyo, a German priest called him to come and see him on a daily basis and touched his lower half of the body. The priest has since passed away.

At that time, Takenaka did not recognize the priest's actions as sexual abuse. "Growing up without knowing love from parents, I even felt warmth (from the priest's actions)," he said.

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