Fujitsu to Have 70,000 Employees Learn about Cancer


Tokyo, Jan. 15 (Jiji Press)--Fujitsu Ltd. <6702> said Wednesday it will introduce a program to teach roughly 70,000 employees of its domestic group companies about cancer.

In the program, participants will learn about the basics of cancer, lifestyles that may cause the disease, the importance of receiving medical checks to find tumors early and support to be provided for working cancer patients in the group, through lectures by Keiichi Nakagawa, associate professor at the University of Tokyo Hospital, and e-learning.

An increasing number of employees are diagnosed with cancer, Fujitsu said while explaining why the company decided to conduct one of the largest cancer education programs in the private sector in Japan.

The Fujitsu group workers will have three months starting Thursday to receive the lectures and take the e-learning course.

Nakagawa underscored the significance of companies playing active roles in cancer education for adults.

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