"Chibanian" Adopted as Name of Geological Era

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Tokyo, Jan. 17 (Jiji Press)--The International Union of Geological Sciences, at an executive meeting in Busan, South Korea, on Friday, adopted "Chibanian" as the name of the geological era about 129,000 to 774,000 years ago.

Chibanian, meaning the age of Chiba, is the first geological era name to use the name of a place in Japan.

The naming is based on the geological union's decision at the meeting to recognize a stratum section found in the city of Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, as the most important reference point for studying the geological period boundary about 770,000 years ago.

In June 2017, a Japanese research team filed with the IUGS for the geological era to be named Chibanian, claiming that the boundary between the early and middle Pleistocene epoch is clearly observed in the Chiba stratum section, located along the Yoro River.

At the meeting on Friday, the IUGS board voted to approve the Japanese application, after screening it and proposals from two Italian groups.

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