Japan's 1st Halal All-in-One Skincare Lotion to Be Sold in Malaysia

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Shizuoka, Jan. 20 (Jiji Press)--The first halal-certified all-in-one skincare lotion in Japan, developed by a cosmetics company in the city of Shizuoka in the central part of the country, is set to be exported to Malaysia.

The product, Vy Krasny sara, from Plaisir Ltd. will go on sale at drug stores and dermatology clinics in the Southeast Asian country this spring. It obtained halal certification, given to products prepared according to Islamic law, from the Tokyo-based Japan Islamic Trust in line with its launch in Japan last April.

The lotion offers the functions of a moisturizer, beauty essence, skin cream, massage cream and foundation primer, reducing the time needed to apply several types of makeup. Plaisir hopes that the time-saving product will become popular among Muslim women as some of them take off their makeup before and reapply makeup after each set of their obligatory prayers, performed five times a day.

Vy Krasny sara was initially developed for Japanese women with sensitive and dry skin. The company refrained from using alcohol, which could irritate the skin, while swapping out pig-based collagen for fish-based alternatives, which have better moisture-retaining properties.

The resulting product was therefore in line with the rules of halal, which prohibit alcohol and pork-based ingredients. "We realized that the product matched with the ideas of halal," Plaisir President Yumiko Nakano said.

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