Sumo Wrestler Goeido Retires


Tokyo, Jan. 28 (Jiji Press)--Sumo wrestler Goeido has retired to take on the role of a "toshiyori" elder at the Sakaigawa stable, the Japan Sumo Association said Tuesday.

The 33-year-old wrestler with the second-highest rank of ozeki assumed the toshiyori name of Takekuma. He will focus on teaching younger wrestlers as a stablemaster.

Goeido, whose real name is Gotaro Sawai, is expected to hold a press conference Wednesday.

Injury-plagued Goeido competed in the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament as a demotion-threatened "kadoban" ozeki.

After having five wins and 10 losses in the tournament, which closed Sunday, he was set to be demoted to sekiwake.

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