Human-to-Human Spread of Coronavirus Confirmed in Japan

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Tokyo, Jan. 30 (Jiji Press)--Human-to-human transmission of a new strain of coronavirus that caused a pneumonia outbreak in China was confirmed in Japan, the health ministry said Thursday.

The ministry called on not only people who have visited the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis, but also those who developed symptoms such as coughing after contacting people with records of staying in Wuhan, to go see a doctor after making an advance call.

Following the confirmation of the human-to-human spread of the virus, the ministry expanded the scope of people who are required to call medical institutions in advance to newly include those who had secondary contacts.

In Japan, a driver of a bus that carried 60 tourists from Wuhan and a guide on the same bus have been confirmed to be infected with the virus.

The ministry called on people not to worry more than necessary, saying that "the virus has not become widespread at the moment." It advised people to take steps similar to those for avoiding the flu, such as wearing masks and washing hands.

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