Micronesia Bars Direct Entry from Japan

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Sydney, Feb. 5 (Jiji Press)--Micronesia has imposed a ban on the direct entry of people from Japan, where infections with the new strain of coronavirus originating in China have been confirmed.

The pacific island country declared a state of emergency in late January to protect its people from the virus and banned travel to mainland China and other countries and regions with coronavirus cases.

The Micronesian government has also prohibited entry of people from mainland China and required visitors from other countries and regions with confirmed infection cases to stay in coronavirus-free areas for at least 14 days before entering Micronesia.

According to the Japanese embassy in Micronesia, the ban on direct entry from Japan took effect on Monday, with people from the East Asian country needing to stay in Guam or other places free from coronavirus infections for 14 days or longer before visiting Micronesia.

"Micronesia may further tighten restrictions on travel from Japan," an official of the embassy said, calling on Japanese people to be cautious when traveling to the country.

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