5th Evacuation Flight Returns to Japan from Wuhan

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Tokyo, Feb. 17 (Jiji Press)--The fifth charter plane sent to Wuhan, China, by the Japanese government returned to Tokyo on Monday morning, evacuating 65 people, including Chinese members of Japanese nationals' families, from Hubei Province at the center of the coronavirus crisis.

The Japanese government said the flight marked an end to its evacuation operations using charter aircraft, explaining that all Japanese in Hubei Province, including its capital city of Wuhan, who wanted to return home have now come back to Japan.

The fifth charter flight carried 36 Japanese citizens and 29 Chinese nationals. Of them, 28 are Wuhan residents and 37 are residents of areas in Hubei Province other than Wuhan.

They will stay at designated accommodations prepared by the government to be monitored whether they are infected with the new coronavirus originating in China.

A total of 763 people returned to Japan aboard the first to fourth government-chartered flights. Of them, 13 people were found infected with the virus, including four with no symptoms.

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