Coronavirus Affecting Graduation Ceremonies in Japan


Tokyo, Feb. 27 (Jiji Press)--The ongoing spread of the new coronavirus is affecting graduation ceremonies at schools in many regions in Japan.

The education board of Hokkaido has decided to ask schools in the northernmost prefecture to cancel participation by students other than those graduating and reduce the number of attending parents as much as possible.

It also requested schools to cancel rehearsals for graduation ceremonies, shorten the time of the ceremonies and ensure chairs for participants at ceremony venues are spaced farther apart than normal, as well as consider, if necessary, such measures as having parents of graduating students stay at separate venues during the ceremonies.

The board recently asked all public and private elementary and junior high schools in Hokkaido to close temporarily in response to an increase in the number of people infected with the new virus there.

The education board of Nagano Prefecture decided that schools in the central prefecture will conduct graduation ceremonies with participation only by students and staff members including teachers, without inviting parents and guests. Schools were asked to make the ceremonies shorter. A school will cancel its graduation ceremony altogether if any of its students or staff members is found to be infected with the new coronavirus, according to the Nagano board.

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