High Court Cuts Compensation over High-Profile Bullying Case

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Osaka, Feb. 27 (Jiji Press)--Osaka High Court on Thursday slashed the amount of compensation defendants were ordered to pay by a lower court over a high-profile bullying and suicide case involving a boy in Otsu, western Japan.

Presiding Judge Hiroyuki Samura ordered two former classmates of the boy, who killed himself in 2011 at age 13, to pay a total of some 4 million yen in damages, down from 37.5 million yen ordered by Otsu District Court in February 2019.

While acknowledging the bullying by the classmates, Samura said the boy "chose at his own will to commit suicide," concluding that the reduction is reasonable.

The lower court ruling recognized that their bullying caused the suicide, saying his suicide was "predictable" and that it had a significant link with the bullying.

The ruling said the boy suffered bullying by the classmates, including being choked and forced to eat a dead bee.

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