9 Years On: Fukushima Viewed as "Polluted Land" on Overseas TV

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Fukushima, March 6 (Jiji Press)--The global shock and fear over the nuclear meltdown accident in March 2011 has made its way into foreign television dramas and movies, in which the northeastern Japan prefecture of Fukushima is depicted as the "land of radioactive pollution."

One such distorted portrayal of Fukushima was featured in the U.S. drama series "Zoo," a show about a group of people investigating mysterious animal attacks around the world. The show started in 2015.

In one episode of the science fiction thriller, a character says, "Fukushima? As in nuclear reactors, radiation leaks and deadly fallout?" while flying to the region on an airplane.

Later in the show, characters on an island off the coast of Fukushima discover irradiated bats flying high in the air and horses turning violent due to radiation.

However, the version of the show released on DVD in Japan omitted the dialogue and captions regarding Fukushima during the airplane scene. The distributor explained that the omission was made due to the sensitivities around the issue.

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