Man's Indefinite Prison Term to Be Finalized for Killing Girl in Japan


Tokyo, March 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a 37-year-old man over the murder of a seven-year-old girl from the eastern prefecture of Tochigi in 2005, a decision that will finalize an indefinite prison term given to him.

The decision rejecting the claim of innocence by the defendant, Takuya Katsumata, was made unanimously by all four judges at the court's Second Petty Bench on Wednesday.

The point at issue in the case was whether the defendant's confession to the murder of the victim, Yuki Yoshida, in police interrogations was credible.

Utsunomiya District Court concluded in a trial involving lay judges that his confession was credible, based on more than seven hours of videos of interrogations, while Tokyo High Court criticized the use of the videos as the basis for judgment.

The top court did not mention the issue of the videos.

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