9 Years On: Oyster Farm Achieves Turnaround in Unconventional Way


Minamisanriku, Miyagi Pref., March 8 (Jiji Press)--An oyster farm in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, has achieved a turnaround from the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in an unconventional way.

The farm in the Togura district in the town of Minamisanriku resumed its operations in 2012 after reducing the number of oyster racks to some 270 from about 1,000.

"The harsh experience of the disasters made it possible for us to take on the challenge," said Kiyohiro Goto, 59, who led the turnaround.

At first, Goto's proposal to cut the number of racks drastically met with strong opposition from colleagues who did not want to relinquish their ownership rights.

His efforts to convince colleagues were backed by the results of his trial conducted in August-December 2011 with a reduced number of racks. Oysters grew at a surprisingly rapid pace and tasted better.

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