COVID-19 Not Spreading at Explosive Pace in Japan: Panel

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Tokyo, March 9 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese government panel of experts offered the view on Monday that the COVID-19 new coronavirus is not spreading at an explosive pace in the country.

The country has been showing resilience to the virus to some extent, members of the panel agreed at a meeting held on the day. Still, the panel predicted that infections will keep rising as a trend for the time being, advising people to avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation and crowded places.

The panel is expected to disclose its assessments on a series of measures being taken across the nation to prevent the spread of the virus, such as the cancellations of events.

On Feb. 24, the panel said that the following one to two weeks will be crucial in terms of whether the virus will spread rapidly or be brought under control. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe later called for restraints on large-scale events and emergency closures of elementary, junior high and high schools, and special-needs schools across the country.

The panel said that the country has been able to prevent the pace of growth in infections from accelerating, noting that a small cluster of patients has been detected before expansion in some cases.

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