Japan Govt Warns about Online Ads for "Anti-Coronavirus" Goods

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Tokyo, March 11 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency has told sellers of products claiming preventive effects against the novel coronavirus on online advertisements to revise their ads.

"There has been no evidence that confirms such effects," the agency says, warning consumers to be careful.

The agency conducted emergency surveillance of online goods ads between Feb. 25 and Friday. Forty-six items sold by 30 companies, including health products and air cleaners, were found to be advertising preventive effects of their products against COVID-19, according to the agency.

Among the items, the number of health food products was largest. Their ads went like this: "Vitamin C protects bodies from the coronavirus," and "Use of Chinese herbal medicines at an early date is effective."

The agency has concluded that such claims are not objective or reasonable, because the characteristics of the virus are not fully known yet and the purported effects cannot be verified at private-sector facilities.

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