Coronavirus Cluster Suspected at Child Facility in Kobe

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Kobe, March 11 (Jiji Press)--Five people related to a certified nursing facility for preschool children in Kobe, the capital of the western Japan prefecture of Hyogo, have tested positive for the new coronavirus, it was learned Wednesday.

The Kobe city government believes that a small cluster of infections has occurred at the facility.

The five are two nursery teachers and a clerical worker at the facility, an employee of the municipal government of the neighboring Hyogo city of Ashiya, who also works at the Kobe child care facility, and the father of this person, according to authorities, including the Hyogo prefectural government. The five are in their 20s to 60s.

Tests will be conducted to find if any of the 106 children who use the nursing facility is infected with the virus. On Monday, the head of the facility in her 50s tested positive for the virus.

The municipal government of Kyoto, western Japan, said Wednesday that a child attending a nursery in the city has been found to carry the virus. The child had close contact with a teacher of the nursery who tested positive on Monday. The preschooler is not in serious condition.

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