More Coronavirus Cases Found among Kyoto Sangyo University Students

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Kyoto, March 30 (Jiji Press)--Eight more Kyoto Sangyo University students were confirmed infected with the new coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total number of students carrying the virus at the university in the western Japan city of Kyoto to 16.

The eight students, from the western Japan prefectures of Kyoto, Wakayama, Kagawa and Tokushima, and the central prefecture of Toyama, attended a graduation party.

The party was attended by 31 people, including one student who was found infected with the coronavirus after traveling to Europe. Infection may be confirmed among more participants of the party.

"A cluster of infections has occurred at the university," an official of the municipal government of Kyoto said.

Separately, three staff workers of the municipal government of the town of Ide in Kyoto Prefecture were confirmed to be infected with the virus. They attended a different party with one of the infected Kyoto Sangyo University students.

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