G-20 Ministers Agree to Avoid Trade Restrictions

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Tokyo, March 31 (Jiji Press)--Trade ministers from the Group of 20 major economies have agreed that the G-20 members will not excessively restrict trade, in hope of easing the ongoing supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The agreement, reached at an emergency teleconference Monday night, reflected concerns that strengthened border controls in some areas have led to the stalling of supply of daily necessities and important goods, such as medical items.

"It's important to move forward with efforts to continue the flow of goods and services through international collaboration," Japanese industry minister Hiroshi Kajiyama told the meeting, calling for the unity of the G-20 for speeding up customs procedures and reviewing unnecessary trade restrictions.

Trade ministers from the European Union and others called for scrapping tariffs on items related to the prevention of a further viral spread and the treatment of infected patients.

The meeting discussed responses to disrupted supply chains and a sharp fall in demand in areas where infections have surged, including the United States and Europe. The ministers also discussed plans to make sure that the strengthened border controls and movement restrictions will be temporary measures with transparency.

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