Mochizuki's Proof of Big Math Proposition OK'd for Publication

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Kyoto, April 3 (Jiji Press)--Kyoto University said Friday that a university-linked journal has accepted for publication papers by Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki that claim to have proved the abc conjecture, a major unresolved mathematical conundrum.

The abc conjecture is considered as important as Fermat's last theorem, on which mathematicians worked for about 350 years until it was finally resolved.

Mochizuki's work, comprising four papers spanning some 600 pages in total, was accepted on Feb. 5 by the journal of the university's Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, or RIMS, where the 51-year-old professor works.

After eight years of review, his work will be published soon in a special edition of the journal PRIMS, or the Publications of RIMS.

The papers were submitted to the journal in 2012 and were also released on the internet.

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