Japan Simplifies 300,000-Yen Benefit Eligibility Standards


Tokyo, April 10 (Jiji Press)--Japan's internal affairs ministry Friday set out simpler eligibility standards for households entitled to 300,000-yen cash benefits to help them cope with income falls amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The benefits will be provided to single-person households with monthly incomes falling to or below 100,000 yen, and families with one dependent whose main earners' incomes fall to or below 150,000 yen.

For families with more dependents, the threshold rises by 50,000 yen for each additional dependent.

The government initially said the benefits would go to households where their main earners' incomes in any of the months from February to June fall below the minimum level requiring them to pay residential taxes, or slump 50 pct or more to levels below double the minimum level.

But the minimum income level for residential taxes differs from one municipality to another, giving rise to concerns about procedural confusion.

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