Internet Cafes Struggling with Long-Term Users amid Epidemic

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Tokyo, April 11 (Jiji Press)--Internet cafe operators are grappling with the issue of dealing with long-term users who are struggling to find alternative housing as the stores prepare to shut down amid the spread of the new coronavirus.

Internet cafes are faced with the dilemma of following shutdown requests from authorities over the epidemic and wanting to stay open for people who have made the stores their home.

"I want to close as early as possible, considering my children and wife," one internet cafe owner in Tokyo said. "But I need to keep it open until the users can find the next place to live."

At his store, a sign was on display Friday afternoon, saying that it was fully booked, despite seven of its 20 rooms being available.

"If new guests have the virus, it may infect others," the owner in his 50s said, explaining why he has been rejecting new users since three weeks ago.

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