Japan to Help Jobless to Join Agriculture amid Virus Scare

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Tokyo, April 15 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese agriculture ministry will encourage people who have lost their jobs due to the fallout from the coronavirus epidemic to work in the farm industry by offering financial support.

The ministry plans to subsidize costs for training and accommodation to back up re-employment of those who previously worked at such industries as hotels and restaurants. At the same time, the support measure is aimed at helping resolve a labor shortage in agriculture.

In soliciting applications, a senior ministry official said that "work in farmland is less likely to create a closed and crowded environment involving close contacts with others," a setting thought likely to cause coronavirus infections.

The ministry expects applicants to be engaged in farm work near their residences so as not to arouse concerns that movements of people may spread the novel coronavirus.

The subsidies will cover part of transportation and accommodation costs for a wide range of assumed applicants, including working adults, housewives and students.

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