Japan to Rewrite Budget to Include 100,000-Yen Cash Handout

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Tokyo, April 16 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to rewrite a supplementary budget plan to swiftly implement a proposed cash handout of 100,000 yen per person, officials said Thursday.

There will be no income limit for the cash handout program, designed to help protect the economy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to senior officials at Abe's ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

A revised extra budget plan for fiscal 2020, which started April 1, is likely to drop a separate plan to provide 300,000 yen in cash to financially struggling households, sources familiar with the matter said.

The 100,000-yen cash handout program was pushed for by Komeito, the LDP's junior coalition partner.

Abe's plan came after Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi in his telephone talks with the prime minister earlier on Thursday reiterated that the cash handout plan should be included in the extra budget.

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