Aichi Pref. Requests Biz Closures in COVID-19 Fight

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Nagoya, April 16 (Jiji Press)--The Aichi prefectural government in central Japan on Thursday requested that local entertainment facilities and large commercial establishments halt operations from Friday to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The request will be in place until May 6, the end of the country's Golden Week holiday period. Aichi will give 500,000 yen in relief per business to those that cooperate.

"Compensation is needed as we're asking for business closures," Governor Hideaki Omura told a news conference. "We earnestly hope that the targeted businesses will close without exception."

"The world is supported by those who run businesses," Takashi Kawamura, mayor of Nagoya, the Aichi capital, told the same conference. "A lump-sum payment is important for them to continue operations."

Subject to the request are leisure facilities such as bars, karaoke places, live music venues and internet cafes, as well as movie theaters, bowling alleys and pachinko pinball parlors.

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