Single-Use Face Masks Sold at 100 Yen at Street Stalls


Tokyo, April 19 (Jiji Press)--While face masks are in short supply at drugstores and other retailers amid the new coronavirus epidemic, single-use face masks are piled up high at some street stalls in Japan and sold at around 100 yen each.

The price seems high compared with regular prices before the outbreak. But, according to a street vendor, the rise in face mask prices is unavoidable.

The vendor, in the Kansai western Japan region, was questioned by a police officer in early April. The seller avoided getting into a trouble by submitting an import certificate to the police.

In Japan, reselling face masks at higher prices is prohibited by law, but sales of the products purchased from manufacturers or wholesalers are not.

Many face masks sold on the street are disposable nonwoven types and are priced at around 100 yen apiece , which is about 10 times the going price before the spread of the coronavirus.

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