Ibaraki Starts Campaign to Clap Hands for Medical Workers

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Mito, Ibaraki Pref., April 19 (Jiji Press)--The prefectural government of Ibaraki in eastern Japan has launched a campaign to show appreciation for medical personnel tackling the novel coronavirus epidemic, asking people to clap their hands for the workers.

The prefectural government announces a massage around noon every day, asking people to give applause for medical workers for about 30 seconds.

The movement is spreading to other parts of the country, with a similar initiative having started in the southwestern Japan city of Fukuoka.

The campaign in Ibaraki, which started on April 9, is modeled on "Clap for Carers," an initiative that is spreading mainly in Europe through social media to pay tribute to those working in the frontline to combat the coronavirus.

According to the Japan Nursing Ethics Association and other sources, some workers at medical institutions dealing with coronavirus infection cases have faced unreasonable experiences, such as being rejected by a taxi and being asked by moving companies to cancel contracts.

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