Tokyo Confirms 123 More Cases of New Coronavirus

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Tokyo, April 21 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo confirmed 123 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Tuesday, the metropolitan government said.

The number of newly confirmed cases in the Japanese capital topped 100 for eight days in a row. Cumulative infection cases reached 3,307.

Infection routes are not clear for 81 of the 123 people who were additionally found to have the virus. Of the total, 87 people are aged below 60, according to the Tokyo government.

Elsewhere in Japan on Tuesday, infection was newly confirmed for 54 people in the western prefecture of Osaka, 22 in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, 13 in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo, and 12 in the central prefecture of Ishikawa. The cumulative number of infected people across the country rose to 11,540.

A total of 12 inpatients and staff workers at Futatsuya Hospital in the city of Kahoku in Ishikawa have tested positive for the virus. The prefectural government suspects that an infection cluster has occurred at the hospital.

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