Experts Call for Avoiding Crowded Supermarkets in Govt Meeting

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Tokyo, April 22 (Jiji Press)--Experts at a meeting held by the Japanese government on Wednesday compiled 10 proposals to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, including calling on people to avoid visiting supermarkets when they are crowded.

The experts said that further efforts by citizens are necessary to reach the government's goal of reducing interactions between people by 80 pct. The meeting was held to evaluate the effects of measures implemented since the government declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus epidemic two weeks ago.

During a meeting of the government's coronavirus response headquarters that followed the expert meeting, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged citizens to review their actions.

"Some people have apparently stopped being very cautious, and cases have occurred in which people's trips, including to their hometowns, are believed to have caused infections to spread," Abe said. "We ask people to cooperate with the stay-at-home requests (by the central and local governments) by, for example, conducting 'online homecoming trips' using video calls during the Golden Week holidays."

The experts asked members of the public to thoroughly review their everyday lives. As part of the 10 proposals, they urged people to go shopping or jogging in a small group when facilities are not crowded, use mail-order systems, including online shopping platforms, for the purchases of goods other than daily necessities, and utilize the internet for medical checkups and drinking parties.

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