Online Petitions for Tuition Cuts Increasing amid Outbreak

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Tokyo, April 24 (Jiji Press)--Online petitions to urge universities to cut tuition fees are increasing in Japan, where many campuses are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, hurting the learning environments for students.

As of Tuesday, signature collections had been launched for at least 51 universities, according to Free, a student group advocating tuition-free advanced education.

Another group of students started gathering signatures Friday to call on the government to halve tuition at public and private universities and vocational schools across the country.

At Dokkyo University, Natsuko Osumi, a 22-year-old senior at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, gathered more than 1,000 signatures online over the six days through Thursday for her petition to demand a tuition cut from her university.

Last month, she received a notice from the university telling students to pay some 600,000 yen including facilities fees by mid-April. Unable to pay because of a sharp drop in income from her part-time job, Osumi applied to defer her payment.

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