Osaka Names 6 Pachinko Parlors Open amid Epidemic

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Osaka, April 24 (Jiji Press)--The Osaka prefectural government on Friday revealed the names of six pachinko pinball parlors that have not followed its request to shut down in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

It is the first time in Japan that the names of uncooperative businesses have been made public under Article 45 of the special coronavirus response law.

The six stores, located in the cities of Osaka, Sakai and Hirakata, all have more than 100 pachinko machines. After their names were announced, two of the six notified the prefectural government that they will now close.

The prefecture had initially called for the store closures under Article 24 of the law, which does not allow the names of uncooperative businesses to be published. It then switched to requesting shutdowns based on Article 45.

Osaka Prefecture is home to close to 700 pachinko parlors, and 117 of them have been open since the central government declared a state of emergency over the virus on April 7.

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