Opposition Camp Seeks Budget Revision to Include Rent Relief

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Tokyo, April 24 (Jiji Press)--Japanese opposition parties on Friday urged the government and the ruling bloc to rewrite the state's draft supplementary budget for fiscal 2020 to include funds for aiding eateries and other businesses that are struggling to pay rents for properties they use for their operations due to impacts of the coronavirus crisis.

At a meeting on the day, the opposition side also called for increasing coronavirus pandemic-related emergency grants to local governments under the draft budget.

The government side noted that such budget rewriting would be difficult.

The opposition parties proposed that government-affiliated financial institutions temporarily pay rents for businesses to give them a moratorium, calling for 5 trillion yen to be set aside for the measure under the extra budget.

They also called for increasing the grants to 5 trillion yen from one trillion yen to help local governments provide more financial aid to businesses that accept their requests to suspend operations to stem the spread of the virus.

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