Use of Wasted Flowers Promoted as Viral Crisis Hits Demand


Tokyo, May 9 (Jiji Press)--Moves to promote the use of wasted flowers to help struggling producers are on the rise in Japan, as demand slumped due to the novel coronavirus crisis.

The epidemic forced people to cancel wedding ceremonies and other events, and florists to shut their stores, dealing a significant blow to the flower market and farmers.

The situation inspired a Tokyo company to purchase flowers in stock in an effort to aid farmers and florists on the verge of disposing of their products due to a lack of buyers.

The company, RIN, buys so-called loss flowers, or nonstandard-size and unsold flowers, from farmers and florists to make dried flowers. "We can't bear to see lovingly grown flowers being disposed of," an official of the firm said. After RIN proposed buying unused flowers on social media, many flower lovers offered cooperation.

On April 13, the company started selling flowers on behalf of producers, and a total of more than 50,000 roses, dahlias and other flowers were sold to about 1,500 people in some 20 days. "We received more-than-expected demand," said Yukino Tomizuka, 22, who works to promote the use of loss flowers at the company.

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