N-Fuel Recycling Facility Meets Safety Standards: Japan NRA

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Tokyo, May 13 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority approved Wednesday a draft report concluding a spent nuclear fuel-reprocessing plant in Aomori Prefecture meets new safety standards to start operations.

The result of the authority's screening of the facility operated by Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. is expected to become final after a public comment period.

"We believe the facility's designing ensures high safety margins" against possible accidents, NRA Chairman Toyoshi Fuketa said. "The faults near the facility were sufficiently examined and the screening was conducted adequately."

The facility, located in the village of Rokkasho in the northeastern Japan prefecture, is designed to produce nuclear fuel using uranium and plutonium extracted from spent nuclear fuel.

With the facility regarded as a key to a nuclear fuel cycle policy, Japan Nuclear Fuel aims to complete necessary procedures in the first half of fiscal 2021.

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