Japanese Brewer Makes Sake with French Ingredients


Paris, May 20 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese sake brewer has developed a product made completely with French ingredients, with the aim of popularizing the rice-based beverage in the wine-loving European country.

The company, Wakaze Inc., based in the city of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture, northeastern Japan, made the sake last autumn using rice, water and yeast made in France. A high-end restaurant in Paris has decided to use it.

"We can make sake with a strong sweetness and sourness, which can have a presence even amid French cuisine with strong flavors," Takuma Inagawa, head of Wakaze, said, attributing the uniqueness to the rich mineral content in France's hard water compared with the soft water in Japan.

Inagawa, 32, moved to Paris last year to set up a sake brewery in a suburb of the French capital.

In France, the volume of wine consumption has been on the decline in recent years. On the other hand, sake imports have been steadily rising in terms of value amid a boom of Japanese cuisine.

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