China's Relentless Provocations over Senkakus Concern Japan

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Tokyo, May 21 (Jiji Press)--China's relentless provocative acts in waters around the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, southernmost Japan, concern the Japanese government, which is struggling to combat the novel coronavirus.

Beijing's hard-line stance became even clearer May 8, when two Chinese coast guard ships entered Japanese waters around the East China Sea islands and chased a Japanese fishing boat. The islands are claimed by China, where they are called Diaoyu.

Tokyo protested the move, but the Chinese side claimed that the Japanese ship was illegally fishing in Chinese waters, insisting on the country's sovereignty over the islets.

According to the Japan Coast Guard, around 1,000 Chinese government ships were seen in waters near the disputed islands last year, setting a record high. The figure stood at 381 between January and April this year, up from 286 in the same period last year.

Of the ships seen around the islands in January to April, 28 entered Japanese waters.

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